The President made a statement on the occasion of the National Day of Coming Out.

U.S. President Joe Biden made a statement on the occasion of the National Coming Out Day, which is celebrated on October 11 and is designed to draw attention to the protection of the rights of LGBTQ+ representatives.

“Today and every day, I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know that you are loved and accepted for who you are, regardless of whether you have coming out,” the President said.

“My administration is firmly committed to making sure that LGBTQ+ people can live openly, proudly, and freely in all corners of our country,” Biden continued. – I am proud to lead an administration in which LGBTQ+ representatives openly work at the highest levels of government, and that together we have made historic progress in ensuring protection and equal opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. My administration has made it clear that we will continue to stand up for the dignity, equality, and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community: from the measures to prevent and combat discrimination taken on the first day of my administration to providing opportunities to serve in the armed forces to all Americans, including transgender people, and protecting the human rights of LGBTQ+ around the world.”

“Despite the incredible progress our country has made, our work to ensure the promised full equality is not over yet,” the head of the White House stressed. – State legislatures are still passing anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Harassment is still common in the country, especially against young transgender Americans and LGBTQ+ people of color, which weakens our national character. We must stand together against these acts of hatred and protect the rights, opportunities, physical safety, and mental health of LGBTQ+ people worldwide. From opposing discriminatory bills to passing the Equality Act, we still have a lot to do so that every American can live without fear, harassment, and discrimination because of who he is or who he loves.”

Addressing representatives of the LGBTQ+ community across the country, Biden assured: “My administration will always support you, and we will continue to fight for equality, dignity, and respect that you deserve.”