Biden rescinded Trump’s executive orders to combat online censorship and protect monuments

The decree of the former US president on Internet censorship, in particular, affected the regulation of social networks in the country.

US President Joe Biden, representing the Democratic Party, canceled on Friday some executive orders issued by Republican Donald Trump. Trump’s rulings included the fight against online censorship and the protection of monuments.

“The following presidential decisions are revoked: executive Order of May 28, 2020 “On the prevention of online Censorship,” executive Order of June 26, 2020 “On the protection of American Monuments, Memorials, Statues and combating Acts of Violence,” executive Order of July 3, 2020 “On the construction and Restoration of monuments to American Heroes,” executive order of December 10, 2020 “On the renaming of foreign assistance from the United States to promote American influence,” executive order of January 18, 2021 “On the construction of American Heroes Park,” – according to a document distributed by the White House press service, signed by Biden. Trump’s decree on Internet censorship affected, in particular, the regulation of social networks in the country. The decisions to protect the monuments were prompted by the fact that during the protests that swept the United States in late spring and early summer last year, there were cases of damage and attempts to demolish several monuments. Most of them were monuments to the leaders of the Confederate Southern States (1861-1865). During the Civil War, the soldiers of the slave-owning south, who were called Confederates, fought with the northerners. They lost the war, and slavery was abolished.

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