Biden said that Moscow was not involved in the cyber-attack on the pipeline in the United States

US intelligence has no evidence that the Russian state is involved in cyberattacks on the company Colonial Pipeline, said US President Joe Biden.

According to the head of state, there is evidence that the persons involved in the ransomware programs are located in Russia, and Moscow has “some part of the responsibility to deal with this.”

“We are making efforts through the FBI and the Department of Justice to disrupt them (hackers) work and bring to justice criminals who extort ransom with the help of viruses,” Biden added.

He stressed that the use of such programs is “obviously a criminal act.”

According to the president, his plan to support the economy includes increasing spending on strengthening the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

The largest oil pipeline operator in the United States, Colonial Pipeline, said on May 7 that it was subjected to a cyber-attack. The company shut down some systems “to contain a threat that temporarily halted all operations.” The downtime led to higher wholesale gasoline prices in the United States. American media linked the cyberattack to Russia, but the White House stressed that the version of a criminal organization is being considered.

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