The President said that the government had allocated $150 million for repairs, replacement, and assistance in renting housing and other needs.

The United States authorities estimate the damage from global warming this year at $ 100 billion. This was announced on Monday by U.S. President Joe Biden, speaking in New Jersey.

“This year alone, global warming has caused us more than $1 trillion in damage, sorry, $100 billion,” the head of state noted. He recalled that he visited New Jersey in mid-September, which suffered from the effects of Hurricane Ida. The American leader associated the disaster with climate change.

Since then, Biden continued, the federal government “has approved applications for assistance from about 30 thousand residents of the state, and has also allocated $150 million for repairs, replacement and assistance in rental housing and other needs.” “Between 2010 and 2020, 24 extreme weather events occurred in this state,” Biden added.

The hurricane of the fourth category, “Ida,” hit the state of Louisiana on August 29, and then more than a million consumers lost power. The echoes of “Ida” led to torrential rains and floods in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.