According to the U.S. President, the decision of NATO in the case of the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine will be taken in fact.

The U.S. authorities will react if the Russian side uses chemical weapons in Ukraine. This statement was made on Thursday by American leader Joe Biden at a press conference in Brussels.

Biden was asked whether Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering the possibility of using chemical weapons in Ukraine, and how the United States or NATO might react in this case. “I can’t answer the first question. I can’t disclose intelligence information. This is the first. Second, we will respond, we will respond if he uses it. Exactly what the response will be will depend on the nature of the use of [chemical weapons],” Biden said.

To the clarifying question whether it is a military response from the United States or NATO, the American leader said: “That would entail a proportionate response.” He added that the final decision on further actions in NATO would have been taken in the event of the described development of events.