US President Joe Biden has said that his predecessor, Donald Trump, should not access secret US intelligence briefings.

Responding to a question from a CBS anchor, Biden said that he believes that Trump should not receive briefings of classified information because of the unstable nature.

According to Biden, this has nothing to do with the recent attack on the Capitol. The president did not answer the question of what would have happened if Trump still received classified information.

“I would prefer not to speculate on this topic,” Biden said. He noted that he was afraid that Trump might slip up and divulge classified information.

Former US presidents traditionally receive intelligence information even after they have left office. They also have the right to request classified information from the security services.

Donald Trump’s relationship with the US intelligence community has been strained. He has repeatedly criticized representatives of the US special services. According to ex-employees of Trump, unlike Barack Obama and George Bush, who held long meetings with representatives of the special services, briefings with Trump’s participation were much less frequent and were less lengthy in time.