As the American president noted, the country should not “provide a haven for hatred.”

Supporters of the ideas of white supremacy, and not the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS) and the network “Al-Qaeda” (both banned in the Russian Federation), represent the greatest terrorist threat to the United States, said on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden, speaking in Tulsa (Oklahoma). His speech was broadcast by news broadcasters.

“According to the [US] intelligence community, the terrorist activities of the white supremacist movement are today the deadliest threat to the homeland. Not ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, but the white supremacy movement,” the head of the White House stressed.

“Hate will never win. She only hides, but give her some oxygen, and this small amount of oxygen leads to the appearance of leaders, and she comes out of her hiding place, <…> it’s like she never left. We can and should not provide a haven for hatred,” Biden said. Earlier, the head of state instructed his administration to tighten the fight against domestic extremism and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the risks posed by this phenomenon in connection with the riots that occurred in the US Congress at the beginning of the year.