As stated by the President of the United States, it eliminates the “bad policy.”

US President Joe Biden signed three executive orders aimed at canceling some orders issued by his predecessor in this post, Donald Trump, in the field of migration policy of the country.

The current head of state has put an end to the policy of separating migrants from their children while criminal cases for illegal border crossing are considered. He also created a group that will deal with the issues of reuniting such families. The President has begun reviewing the Republican-imposed barriers to migration flows.

“I want to clarify everything. There is a lot of talk about the number of decrees I have signed, and with good reason. I’m not a lawmaker. I eliminate bad politics,” Biden said. According to him, Trump “issued executive orders that are very counterproductive to the security” of the United States.

“We will work to eradicate the moral and national shame of the previous administration, which literally, not figuratively, snatched children from the hands of their families – mothers and fathers – without any plan,” the American leader added.

He stressed that the executive orders are aimed at “addressing the root causes of migration to the southern border” of the United States, as well as “a comprehensive review of the harmful and counterproductive immigration policies of the previous administration.” Thus, the second decree will create “a comprehensive regional framework to address the causes of migration, as well as to regulate migration processes throughout North and Central America, to ensure the safe and orderly processing of asylum seekers at the border of the United States.” The third decree, according to the head of the Washington administration, will “restore faith in the US immigration system” and ensure the “integration of new Americans.”

After the inauguration, one of Biden’s first orders as president was to lift the state of emergency imposed by his predecessor connected with the situation on the US-Mexico border. This regime allowed the US to finance the construction of the wall, bypassing the US Congress.