The President expressed hope that the plan would be agreed upon before his departure for the climate conference in Glasgow.

U.S. President Joe Biden commented on the talks on the infrastructure plan held on Sunday with Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin, saying that the meeting “went well.” However, some issues need to be finalized.

Answering questions from reporters before departing from Delaware, where the meeting was held, Biden expressed hope that the plan could be agreed before his departure for the climate conference in Glasgow.

The President said he did not know when the vote might take place but noted: “It would be very good if it could be done before the trip.”

As the representative of the White House reported on Sunday, negotiations with senators were held as part of attempts by Democrats in Congress to reach an agreement on the social spending bill.

The source of the Reuters agency did not provide details about the progress of the negotiations. It did not specify whether the participants managed to come closer to an agreement on a package worth up to $ 2 trillion, which would allow the House of Representatives to move forward in passing a bipartisan bill on infrastructure development worth $ 1 trillion and lay the foundation for the adoption of a larger social package.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that Democrats had moved closer to reaching an agreement on Biden’s social and climate agenda, overcoming differences in health care and others.