The President visited GM’s electric car manufacturing plant in Detroit as part of a nationwide tour in support of the infrastructure package.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday evening conducted a test drive of an electric Hummer SUV during a visit to the General Motors electric vehicle assembly plant in Detroit.

The president personally tested the electric car at GM’s Detroit plant, Michigan’s largest city, as part of a nationwide tour in support of the $1 trillion infrastructure law, which was signed by Biden on Monday.

The law provides for $7.5 billion in funding to create a national network of electric vehicle charging stations. Such investments, according to industry representatives, will inspire Americans to buy electric cars, and will also contribute to increasing the production of environmentally friendly cars. In 2020, electric vehicles accounted for only 1.8% of the American new car market.

During a visit to the automobile plant, Biden spoke approvingly about the “big three” automakers from Detroit, especially GM, praising its efforts in the production of electric vehicles.

“Detroit is a world leader in the production of electric vehicles,” Biden said. The president did not mention Tesla, which accounts for almost 80% of electric vehicle sales in the United States, while its owner Elon Musk does not agree with Tesla employees forming a union.

“So far, China has been in the lead in this race,” Biden said, speaking about the production of electric vehicles. According to him, the situation will soon change due to the adoption of the law on infrastructure.

Biden also once again expressed support for another major investment bill affecting social protection and the fight against climate change. The bill, worth about $2 trillion, is still being debated in Congress.

Biden stressed that the expenses included in the plan to “Restore better than it was” will be paid for by increasing corporate taxes. Addressing GM CEO Mary Barra, the president said that large companies should pay more taxes.