On February 11, U.S. President Joe Biden informed other leaders of NATO and EU countries that, according to American intelligence agencies, Vladimir Putin had already decided to invade Ukraine. It may happen in the next few days.

Biden’s address to allies followed a meeting at the operational headquarters in the White House, where the latest intelligence was discussed.

The White House said Biden called the transatlantic leaders “to discuss our common concerns about Russia’s continued buildup of armed forces on Ukraine’s borders.”

A European diplomat told The Guardian that the U.S. had requested an urgent call to NATO allies and European leaders to share new intelligence information. Western intelligence agencies believe that the most likely goal of the Russian offensive will be to encircle Kyiv and force a change of power in Ukraine.

A few minutes after Biden’s call. The British Foreign Office has called on British citizens in Ukraine to “leave now on commercial flights while they remain available.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that secondary employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Ukraine are advised to leave the country “for a while.”

Vice Admiral Nils Andreas Stensones, the head of the Norwegian intelligence service, said that 150,000 Russian troops are now concentrated around Ukraine, and said that the decision on the attack remains with Vladimir Putin.

Western intelligence agencies generally agree that Putin has now deployed enough troops on the Ukrainian border to attempt an invasion.