The U.S. President “thanked all those who participated in the construction of the submarine.”

The U.S. President Joe Biden and the country’s first Lady Jill Biden took part on Saturday in the ceremony of adopting the Navy’s newest nuclear submarine Delaware (SSN 791) type Virginia, the construction of which cost almost $ 3 billion. The ceremony, which took place in the port of Wilmington (Delaware), was broadcast by American news broadcasters.

The U.S. President “thanked all those who participated in the construction of the submarine” with missile and torpedo armament (PLAT). “As your commander-in-chief, I believe it is our sacred duty to train and equip the troops we send to dangerous places and take care of them and their families after they return home,” Biden added.

He made a reservation, noting the efforts of his wife in the implementation of the White House program to support military families. “I am very proud of the work she is doing as First Lady in the framework of the Joining Forces initiative and which she started together with [the former first Lady] Michelle Obama when she was vice president.” Biden served as Vice President of the United States when Barack Obama was in office.

About the submarine

The submarine was launched back in October 2018 at the Newport News base in Virginia. The commissioning ceremony was scheduled for 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The Delaware board is the eighth and last Virginia board in the Block III variant, which has a new nose and two vertical launchers with a diameter of 2,210 mm (Virginia Payload Tube), each of which houses six sea-based cruise missiles (CRMB) TLAM (Tomahawk Land Attack Missile). The board also has a bow hydroacoustic station (HAS) with a large Aperture LAB (Large Aperture Bow), which is hidden under water when the boat is on the surface. On the first 10 Virginia-type PLAT (4 in the “block-1” and 6 “block-2” versions), the nasal HAS protruded from under the water in a surface position. The construction of boats in the Block II variant (SSN-784 – SSN-791) began in 2009.

Virginia-class nuclear submarines are armed with 12 Tomahawk sea-launched cruise missiles and four torpedo tubes with ammunition consisting of 26 Mark 48 torpedoes. Their underwater displacement is 7.8 thousand tons, length – 115 m, maximum speed – 35 knots, working depth of immersion – 488 m. The crew is 134 people. In total, the U.S. Navy ordered 30 Virginia-type PLAT, including eight in the block-3 variant, to replace Los Angeles-type PLAT.

Virginia-type PLAT boards are designed for conducting independent operations against enemy submarines and surface ships, striking ground targets with the use of anti-submarine warfare, providing anti-submarine defense of warships and convoys, fighting on communications in order to shackle enemy transportation, covertly conducting special operations, including in shallow areas.