The U.S. President expressed his determination to continue supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

The U.S. President Joe Biden expressed the U.S. determination to continue supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression and stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will never, ever” prevail in this country.

“Ukraine will never, ever turn into a victory for Putin,” the American president said before talks with Colombian leader Ivan Duque at the White House.

“I believe that the United States and the peoples of the world will continue to support the Ukrainian people who defend their country,” Biden stressed.

He recalled that at the moment the United States has already allocated a billion dollars to assist Ukraine in ensuring its security.

“And new supplies of defensive equipment are being sent there right now,” the U.S. president said.

He added that the economic sanctions imposed by the United States “undermine the Russian economy, and the ruble has already lost half of its value.”

Biden announced that he plans to grant Colombia the status of the country’s main non-NATO ally.

“Today I am pleased to announce that I intend to make Colombia a major non-NATO ally. That’s exactly who you are. And this is a recognition of the truly unique close relations between our countries,” the American president said before the talks with Duque.

“I have long said that Colombia is a key element of our common efforts to build a prosperous, secure and democratic Western Hemisphere,” the American leader added.

He pointed out that relations between the two countries are crucial for “regional security and prosperity.”

Biden also spoke by phone with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday, the White House said.

The Presidents of the United States and Turkey expressed their common concern about the unprovoked and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine.

They confirmed the support of the government and people of Ukraine from the United States and Turkey, noting the need for an immediate cessation of Russian aggression.

The two leaders welcomed the coordinated international response to this crisis.

The head of the White House expressed gratitude for Ankara’s efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as in connection with Turkey’s recent contacts with the leaders of the countries of the region aimed at strengthening peace and stability.

Biden and Erdogan also discussed existing opportunities for the further development of U.S.-Turkish relations, the White House statement said.