Biden: we will find and punish the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Kabul

The Head of State honored the memory of the dead people with a minute of silence.

President Joe Biden on Thursday evening warned the organizers of the brutal terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport, which killed at least 60 people, including 12 American servicemen. Biden said this while delivering an address from the White House.

“Those who committed this attack, as well as all those who wish harm to America, know: we will not forgive. We won’t forget. We will find you and make you pay. I will protect our interests and our people by any means,” Biden said.

President Biden acknowledged that Thursday was a particularly “difficult day” for the American people.

“The American servicemen who gave their lives – this word is often used, but it is completely appropriate here – they were heroes; heroes who participated in a dangerous selfless mission to save the lives of other people,” the president said.

During his speech, President Biden honored the memory of the dead people with a minute of silence “in the name of all those, both military personnel and civilians,” who were victims of terrorist attacks.

“May God bless everyone, and may God protect the troops and all those who protect America,” Biden said after a minute of silence.

The terrorist group “Vilayat Khorasan” (ISIS-K) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Biden said that he ordered the military command to “develop operational plans for striking targets, leadership and facilities of the ISIS-K organization.”

“We will respond powerfully and precisely at the time and place that we will determine ourselves,” the president said, without going into details.

“These ISIS terrorists will not defeat us. We will save the Americans. We will take out our Afghan allies. And our mission will continue, “the president said,” America will not be intimidated.”

Biden did not rule out the possibility of increasing the military presence in Afghanistan.

“I instructed the military, saying that if they need it, if they need additional forces, I will provide it,” the president stressed.

Biden stressed that he remains confident in the correctness of his decision to leave Afghanistan.

“I have never believed that we should sacrifice the lives of Americans to try to establish a democratic government in Afghanistan, a country that has never been a single state in its entire history,” Biden said.

“We sought to prevent the resurgence of Al-Qaeda, first of all, to get to [Osama] bin Laden, to destroy Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, to prevent another repetition. As I have said, hundreds of times, the metastases of terrorism had spread worldwide. We have more serious threats coming from other countries that are much closer to the United States,” the president stressed.

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