According to preliminary data, the former Vice President will also win the primary election in Illinois

Joe Biden won a landslide victory over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in Florida, and according to exit polls, should win in Illinois. The former Vice President thus further increased his chances of being the Democratic Party’s nominee in the US presidential election to be held in November.

With 91% of ballots counted in Florida, 61% of Democrats favored Biden, while Sanders received only 23%. Biden defeated Sanders in all of the state’s electoral districts.

According to Fox News, Biden should also win the Illinois primary. According to the results of counting 15% of the ballots, 55% of the participants voted for Joe Biden, and 39% preferred Sanders.

Despite the panic over the coronavirus, 1.85 million Democrats participated in the Florida primary, according to Edison Research, which is more than in the primary elections in 2016 (1.7 million) and in 2008 (1.75 million people). In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, researchers conducted exit polls over the phone.
Biden is expected to get the votes of at least 58 delegates at the end of the Florida primary.