The famous scientist has been working in the presidential administration since June 2021.

Eric Lander, chief scientific adviser to President Joe Biden, has resigned. Lander, a mathematician, geneticist, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has served as head of the Office of Science and Technology in the presidential Administration since June 2021. On Tuesday, the White House confirmed the results of an internal investigation, according to which Lander was rude to his employees.

The internal audit was triggered by a complaint from one of the subordinates and during its course evidence was obtained that Lander intimidated employees and treated them disrespectfully. The White House issued a stern warning to Lander, but initially it was assumed that he would be allowed to stay at work, despite Biden’s statement on inauguration day that he expected “honesty and decency” from everyone who worked for his administration, and would fire anyone who shows disrespect to others “in the workplace.”

Later on Monday evening, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Biden accepted Lander’s resignation with “gratitude for his work related to overcoming the pandemic, programs to combat cancer and climate change, as well as other key issues.”

In his resignation letter, Lander wrote: “I am devastated that I hurt my former and current colleagues by the way I talked to them.”