Only 46% of Americans have a positive opinion of Joe Biden’s activities as president.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating fell by 7 percentage points to its lowest level this year after the U.S.-backed government collapsed in Afghanistan over the weekend. Thousands of residents fled the country in search of safety. This is stated in a sociological survey conducted by Reuters / Ipsos.

Judging by the results of a national opinion poll conducted on Monday, only 46% of American adults approve of Joe Biden’s activities as president as a whole. This is the lowest figure for the entire time of the weekly polls, which began in January after Biden arrived in the White House.

On Friday last week, 53% of respondents positively assessed Biden’s actions as president in a similar Reuters / Ipsos poll.

Biden’s popularity plummeted immediately after the Taliban militants entered Kabul without any resistance from the Afghan security forces. This practically nullified two decades of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, which cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and led to the death of thousands of American servicemen.

Judging by the results of a separate opinion poll conducted by Ipsos on Monday, less than half of Americans approve of Biden’s leadership of U.S. military and diplomatic actions in Afghanistan this year. The president, who just last month praised the Afghan forces for their “good equipment,” was rated worse by Americans than all three previous presidents, under whom the United States participated in the longest military campaign in the country’s history.