The son of US President Joe Biden Hunter Biden during a telephone conversation with his friend admitted that he used drugs with the former mayor of Washington, Marion Barry, writes the British tabloid Daily Mail with reference to the telephone conversation recording that came to his disposal.

“You know, I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry,” an unidentified man who sounds like Hunter Biden says in an audio recording released by the tabloid. He goes on to say that when he used the drug, he was studying at Georgetown University. “I think I was in my second year,” the man says.

The publication claims that the audio recording of 2019 was obtained from Biden Jr.’s laptop. The publication also notes that the information from this conversation contradicts the words of 51-year-old Biden Jr. that the arrest for possession of cocaine as a teenager scared him away from drugs for a while until he graduated from an educational institution. The son of the American president wrote about this in his book, released in April this year.

Marion Barry (1936-2014) first served as mayor of Washington in 1978, after which he was re-elected three times and even received the nickname “mayor for life.” His reputation suffered because of drugs, in 1990, the politician was sentenced to six months in prison for their possession. Earlier, the Daily Mail published an exclusive material: computer experts confirmed the authenticity of letters and photos of Hunter Biden, which may indicate his involvement in criminal activities in the field of drug trafficking and organized prostitution. Biden Jr. himself spoke about his drug problems in his memoir Beautiful Things.