Social media plays a huge role in where and how we consume news. Google News can be very ineffective at the moment when it comes to current, breaking news events. Instead, we get the latest news from social media like Twitter, where someone can just grab their phone and tell the world what’s going on in seconds. Google clearly wants to catch up, so the company is reportedly preparing something called “Big Moments” that could change the way we get news in search results or through the Google News app.

In order to understand what Google wants to do, you first need to understand the problem it wants to solve. If you clicked on this article from your Google news feed, it is most likely because it is not a breaking news event. Most likely, this article was posted alongside other news items from other publications, which were probably published in the past few hours. In cases where you see a really relevant article, it is unlikely to stand out from the mass of old articles, unless several major publications write about it.

Big Moments will try to provide an insight into what is happening by providing more relevant context, highlighting in real-time the most authoritative details about a specific incident, such as death and injury statistics (of course, what else?), And updating them as new ones become available. information.

Unlike the current Google News service, which is completely automated, it is assumed that the decision of which “moment” should be considered “big” will be live editors. It is not a fact that the ability to judge the importance or unimportance of some events is beneficial, not harmful, for the situation as a whole. The chances of being held hostage to the worldview of a particular editor are definitely not zero.