Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned the world about future pandemics worse than coronavirus.

In the future, the world may face a pathogen that causes a much higher mortality rate or severe diseases than the coronavirus pandemic. This development was predicted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates; his words are reported by the Financial Times.

The entrepreneur said that the danger of more terrible viruses persists. He called on the governments of the countries to allocate billions to fight the following epidemics. According to Gates, at the moment, all responsibility for solving the problem of unequal access to vaccines is assigned to philanthropists and governments of rich countries

The businessman stressed that the development of innovations to prepare for the next pandemic can be useful for solving other global health problems. Among them, he named the creation of a vaccine against HIV infection and more effective drugs against tuberculosis and malaria.

Earlier, Gates predicted that the number of coronavirus infections in the world will decline after the wave of the Omicron strain subsides. He stated that the majority of severe cases of the disease caused by this variant of COVID-19 will be observed among unvaccinated citizens.