Singer Billie Eilish cut off straight bangs and became a brunette.

American pop singer Billie Eilish changed her image again and showed the result of the transformation. The picture appeared on her Instagram page.

The 20-year-old celebrity posted a selfie in which she showed that she had become a brunette again and had a new hairstyle. In particular, the singer shortened her hair and cut off her straight bangs. Fans noticed that Eilish returned to her image from 2019.

Subscribers admired the appearance of the pop singer in the comments under the post, which has gained more than nine million likes. “Billie, you’re gorgeous,” “Back to basics,” “My favorite hair color,” “That’s right, pretty girl, you look gorgeous,” “You’re much better as a brunette,” “The most beautiful singer,” “I admire your beauty and talent,” the fans expressed.