The singer, who previously promised not to be naked, released new candid photos.

Singer Billie Eilish has been heavily criticized on the web for new spicy photos on social networks. A little more than six months ago, Eilish gave a scandalous interview in which she stated that she was not going to show her body because she did not consider his sexualization adequate.

Less than a couple of months later, Eilish first appeared in a candid photoshoot for a fashion magazine and then shot an erotic clip in which her breasts almost escaped from a silk shirt. Even then, Billy was accused of cheating.

The other day, Eilish, who is now and then criticized on the Web, released even more provocative pictures in which she poked her breasts directly into the frame. Lush forms were supported by a corset, and lacy underwear appeared under it.

Daring photos infuriated the Web.

“Growing up”, “I’m ashamed of my body, but what is the result? Liar “,” Stunned “,” Puberty entered the chat “,” Got a taste “,” As for me, so complete horror “- were angry because of what they saw on the Web.