According to WHO, the new version of the coronavirus is a particular danger.

BioNTech said on Monday it had begun work on a vaccine adapted for the Omicron strain– a new variant of the coronavirus found in South Africa and of particular concern.

The company’s statement notes that the development of an adapted vaccine is part of the company’s standard procedure when developing new variants.

“The first steps to develop a potential new vaccine coincide with the research needed to assess whether a new vaccine will be needed,” the document says.

The World Health Organization warned on Monday that the coronavirus variant discovered in South Africa is associated with an extremely high global risk of new jumps in the spread of the disease, as more and more countries report new cases of infection, which leads to the closure of borders.

Last Friday, BioNTech announced that it is waiting for additional laboratory data within two weeks to determine whether there is a need to develop a specific vaccine in this case.

Moderna has said it is working on refining its COVID-19 vaccine for future booster vaccinations.