It all started with a Victoria’s Secret angel’s innocent remark about their physical resemblance.

This Sunday, Adriana Lima posted on Instagram a collage of two photos – her and Megan Fox. The 40-year-old supermodel wanted to show a striking resemblance to the 35-year-old actress and addressed her in her caption to the post.

“If you ever need a stunt double for one of your films, give me a call. My only condition is for the same makeup artist to do our makeup,” Adriana wrote, adding a link to Patrick Ta’s profile.

Megan Fox clearly took this as flirting and decided to support it in full view of everyone in the comments.

“What if I need a girlfriend? Can I call then too? Patrick may still be somehow involved. He could make up for us when I invite you to [restaurant] Nobu, ”Megan replied boldly, and the supermodel agreed to the offer.

Not so long ago, the actress came out, writing on Instagram that for the past 20 years she considers herself bisexual. In the spring of 2020, Fox began dating 30-year-old rapper Coulson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly.

Adriana Lima is now free, although in March she was credited with an affair with the restaurateur Nusret Gokce. The Brazilian model is an ardent Catholic and has always emphasized that she married her ex-husband, basketball player Marco Jarić, as a virgin.