Retail chains note an increase in the number of buyers on the day of the most massive sales compared to last year.

The traditional Black Friday shopping day in the USA, which usually becomes a record in terms of sales for the whole year, this year, it seems, will not be an exception. The administration of the largest shopping center in the USA – Mall of America in Minnesota – reported that the influx of shoppers since Friday morning amounted to about one hundred thousand people – about twice as much as last year. Macy’s and Forever 21 stores in the capital of the country – Washington – were crowded because of the abundance of people. The National Federation of Retailers predicts an increase in sales during the holiday season by 8.5-10.5 percent compared to last year.

However, not all retailers managed to prepare for Black Friday properly: in many places, customers who took a queue, for example, for the latest models of televisions, were disappointed to learn that this sample was not available – supply disruptions did not allow some stores to offer a full range of goods.

Although some retail chains have previously reported a slight decrease in-store traffic, the activity of buyers on the Internet should compensate for the lack of turnover in traditional retail halls. In recent years, more and more Americans prefer to hunt for shopping at home, sitting at a computer or smartphone. Online sales are expected to grow by 10% compared to “Black Friday”-2020.

Retail chains also reacted to this trend: due to the pandemic, many firms preferred to close their stores on Thanksgiving, but announced significant discounts on goods on the Internet.

But there are exceptions: the analytical company Allianz Research predicts that products such as children’s toys, clothing, household appliances, televisions will cost customers 5-17 percent more this holiday season than last year.