Raising three children is not an easy task. However, 33-year-old Blake Lively does a great job with her. Yesterday, the actress went for a walk with her three daughters. The elders, six-year-old James, and four-year-old Ines, sat in a wheelchair, while the youngest, one-year-old Betty, was carrying Blake in her arms. This was the first time the paparazzi managed to photograph an actress with three children.

Often, their star father, 44-year-old Ryan Reynolds, also walks with the children, but this time he did not keep his family company. The actor was probably busy at work. Despite the specifics of the profession, the spouses manage to combine their careers with parenting responsibilities. They both prioritize the family. While Blake is not involved in new projects, she manages to devote a lot of time to her family.

Despite the fact that the actress said that with three children, she and Ryan have a hard time and the difference between raising two and three children is huge, she is nevertheless very happy. Her husband supports her in everything – he loves to spend time with children, plays a lot with them and learns a lot from them.

They are the most capable people I know. If something in my life happened to be crazy or scary, the first people I relied on were them, because they have wisdom, strength and calmness. They are bold. I love every second of this adventure said Reynolds.