According to the Secretary of State, the United States “has a set of interests regarding Venezuela.”

The U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday avoided a direct answer to a question about the possibility of easing sanctions against the Venezuelan oil sector.

At a press conference at the Department of State, one of the journalists asked Blinken whether the United States was considering easing sanctions against Venezuela in order to “get its oil” in the absence of any progress in negotiations between Caracas and the Venezuelan opposition.

“We have a set of interests regarding Venezuela. Among them, of course, is support for the democratic aspirations of Venezuelans, ensuring the release of Americans unjustly detained there. <… It is also true that globally we are interested in maintaining the stability of energy supplies, including through our diplomatic efforts. All this matters when it comes to Venezuela, as well as other countries of the world where we have many interests, and we use diplomacy to promote them,” the U.S. Secretary of State replied.

He recalled that on Tuesday evening it became known about the release of two U.S. citizens who were in custody in the Bolivarian Republic. “I am very glad that thanks to diplomacy, two unjustly detained Americans have returned home,” Blinken said in this regard.

Earlier, Reuters, citing sources, reported that an American government delegation visited the Venezuelan capital last weekend. According to him, U.S. representatives discussed with the Venezuelan leadership the possibility of easing sanctions against Caracas related to oil exports, but did not reach an agreement. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed at a briefing on Monday that the American delegation had visited Caracas, where, among other things, they discussed the topic of energy security, as well as the situation with Americans detained and serving sentences in Venezuela.