The head of the U.S. Foreign Policy Department does not believe in Putin’s attitude to diplomatic interaction with Kyiv.

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that “so far we have not seen any signs that President Putin is serious about constructive negotiations.”

Blinken was the first to address lawmakers after he and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin paid a surprise visit to Kyiv last Sunday, where two senior administration officials met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Blinken noted that the United States is accelerating the supply of weapons to Ukraine and that now this process usually takes only 72 hours after receiving a request from Ukraine.

“The territory that the Russian government considered itself capable of capturing in just a few weeks two months ago, today firmly belongs to Ukraine,” he stated.

“In Kyiv, we saw signs of a reviving city: people were eating on the street, sitting on benches, walking. We saw with our own eyes that Ukrainians won the battle for Kyiv,” the head of American diplomacy explained.

Expressing the desire of the United States to support Ukraine’s efforts aimed at a diplomatic end to the war, Blinken added that Washington’s goal is “to make sure that Ukraine has the opportunity to repel Russian aggression and, moreover, strengthen its position at the negotiating table.”

The Secretary of State recalled that during negotiations with Russia before the invasion on February 24, it became clear that Putin’s complaints about Ukraine’s accession to NATO were only a pretext.

“We tried to involve them in the discussion of these issues with all seriousness,” Blinken said. – It was quite clear from President Putin’s own words that it was never about Ukraine’s potential accession to NATO. He was convinced from the very beginning that Ukraine has no right to be a sovereign, independent country.”

The Foreign Minister confirmed the commitment of the United States to help Ukraine. “I am proud of what the United States has done in support of the Ukrainian government and the people of Ukraine, and I am even more firmly convinced that we must continue to do this,” Blinken said.