The United States has developed new mechanisms that will help Ukraine identify cyber threats.

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a special statement about Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine. “The United States and its allies and partners condemn Russia’s destructive cyber activity,” the document stresses.

A few months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as at a later time, Ukraine was subjected to a series of planned destructive cyberattacks, which are part of the Russian strategy.

The United States believes that Russia was behind a massive cyberattack on commercial satellite communications networks at the end of February, when Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

Earlier on Tuesday, the EU and the UK announced this.

Blinken’s statement notes that “the purpose of this cyberattack was to disrupt the command and control of Ukraine during the Russian invasion” and that the consequences of this attack were felt in other European countries. Thus, very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) in Ukraine and throughout Europe were disabled. These are tens of thousands of terminals outside Ukraine, which, among other things, serve wind turbines and provide Internet services to individuals.

The U.S. government has developed new mechanisms that will help Ukraine identify cyber threats and restore electronic systems after massive cyber-attacks.

A separate document from the Department of State lists measures developed in the United States to support communications and cybersecurity in Ukraine.

In particular, it is noted that the FBI informed Ukrainian partners about cyber operations of Russian special services, exchanged information about cyber threats, investigation methods, as well as experience in responding to cyber incidents. The United States also helped Ukraine in the search and purchase of hardware and software to protect the network. 6,750 emergency communication devices, including satellite phones and data storage terminals, were transferred to Ukraine. They were intended for “essential service providers, government officials and operators of critical infrastructure in key sectors such as energy and telecommunications.”