Last week, a scandal erupted around Activision Blizzard about discrimination against female employees, sexual harassment, unfair pay and other forms of harassment.

Jeff Hamilton, the systems designer for World of Warcraft, also reacted to the scandal. He stated that all allegations of sexual harassment deserve serious treatment and that anyone guilty of sexual harassment deserves both dismissal from the company and a criminal investigation.

Hamilton also called Activision’s corporate response completely unacceptable. In his opinion, it is disgusting to respond to accusations with anything other than a well-thought-out plan to correct these abuses.
In addition, the systems designer said that there is almost no work on World of Warcraft right now. “And this is not beneficial to anyone – not the players, not the developers, not the shareholders,” – Jeff Hamilton.

Previously, co-founder and former Blizzard president Mike Morheim apologized to all employees of the company who were harassed, and former Blizzard VP Chris Metzen admitted that the apology is useless.