Blizzard discussed how the free BlizzCon 2020 online will be held and what gamers can expect from the event.

Blizzard may have changed the event’s format, but the essence and the scheme remained the same. The conditional first day of the so-called BlizzConline starts on February 20 at 00:00 (Kyiv time). At night, the company will hold an opening ceremony and talk about the game content that internal teams are working on.

For the next three hours, the broadcast will be divided into six different channels, where the development teams will talk about their projects.

The conditional second day will begin on February 20. BlizzConline will continue to stream across multiple channels, with Blizzard answering fan questions and evaluating their creativity.

If you decide to sleep this weekend, you can watch BlizzConline 2020 in the BlizzConline archive’s entry (also free). Selected portions of the live streams and recordings will be available in 12 languages, including English with subtitles in Spanish (Spain), French, German, Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional writing).