Blue Origin challenged the decision to entrust SpaceX with the creation of the lunar module

The aerospace company of American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, has filed a protest with the US Accounting Chamber in connection with NASA’s decision to choose SpaceX as the contractor for a contract worth $ 2.89 billion to create a system for landing astronauts on the surface of the Moon as part of the Artemis program, CNBC reported.

In addition to SpaceX, the contenders for the contract were Blue Origin and Dynetics. Blue Origin is convinced that NASA “changed the terms at the last minute.”

“In the words of NASA itself, it chose “high risk.” His decision eliminates opportunities for competition, significantly narrows the supply base, and not only delays but threatens America’s return to the moon. Because of this, we filed a protest with the GAO (Government Accountability Office, US Chamber of Accounts),” Bezos ‘ company said.

Earlier, NASA reported that the contract worth $ 2.89 billion provides for the creation of a system for landing a crew on the surface of the Moon until 2024. As emphasized by the head of the NASA manned flight program, Kathy Lueders, the start date of crewed flights will depend solely on NASA’s confidence in the safety of the flight for the crew.

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