The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Blue Origin’s human space flight license.

According to Reuters, citing a statement from the regulator, the company needed to confirm that New Shepard’s hardware and software was operating safely during the test flight.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required Blue Origin to validate all New Shepard systems and software during a test flight in order to allow the delivery of passengers to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere.

As a result of the tests, the FAA concluded that it was in compliance with the regulatory requirements, so the license was approved. It will be valid until August 2021.

The four space tourists, including Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos and his brother, are due to take off in exactly one week on July 20. This flight will be the first for the company to launch its vehicle with passengers on board. Previously, the company conducted 15 tests of its suborbital ship, but a human-sized mannequin equipped with sensors acted as a passenger.

If the cost of a suborbital flight aboard the Virgin Galactic spacecraft is estimated at $ 250,000, Blue Origin does not specify how much the flight will cost.