Earlier it was reported that the duration of the second suborbital tourist flight of Bezos would be about 11 minutes.

On Wednesday, the Blue Origin company of American billionaire Jeff Bezos makes its second suborbital tourist flight, sending four people into space, including actor William Shatner, known for films and TV series from the Star Trek franchise.

The 90-year-old Shatner became the oldest person ever to have been in space.

The launch of the fully autonomous New Shepard spacecraft took place at 9:30 a.m. at the Blue Origin launchpad, located near the city of Van Horn in West Texas.

The crew members, dressed in blue flight suits with a white company logo on the sleeve, got into a car that took them to the launchpad ahead of the launch, which was briefly delayed. Bezos himself was driving the car.

Together with Shatner, former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen, clinical research entrepreneur Glen de Vries and Blue Origin vice president and engineer Audrey Powers went on an 11-minute journey.

According to Blue Origin, astronauts will spend about three to four minutes in zero gravity. The spacecraft went to the internationally recognized boundary of space, known as the Pocket line, located about 100 km above the Earth. The capsule should return to earth by parachutes.

The flight, initially scheduled for Tuesday, was postponed to Wednesday due to wind.

On Tuesday, the crew members were trained, and the mission team conducted a flight readiness assessment to make sure that “all systems are ready for launch,” Blue Origin said on Twitter. Before launching, astronauts must board the capsule and fasten themselves to their seats.

On July 20, Blue Origin made a successful debut in space tourism: Bezos and three other people went to the edge of space and returned to Earth in 10 minutes and 10 seconds. 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk took part in this flight, who at that time became the oldest person to have been in space.

Bezos founded Blue Origin two decades ago.

Shatner, who turned 90 in March, has been acting in films and television since the 1950s and is still engaged in entertainment projects and fan conventions. He is best known for playing Captain James Kirk of the starship Enterprise in the classic 1960s TV series Star Trek and seven subsequent films about fictional adventures in outer space.

The actor noted that there is irony and symmetry in his space journey since he has been playing a space explorer for decades, and now he has become one.