The BMW Group has partnered with Amazon Web Services to launch a quantum car project competition for startups and researchers.

A new competition has been announced for quantum technology companies and researchers who are ready to submit specialized designs for use in the automotive industry.

The initiative aims to provide end-to-end process optimization, research on the latest materials and support for autonomous driving systems.

According to Peter Lehnert, Vice President of BMW Group Research, quantum computing is just beginning to develop, there are different approaches to solving the same issue in this area, so it will be optimal to attract additional innovative resources that exceed the capabilities of the standard tendering process.

There are 50 areas in which quantum computing can bring tangible benefits in the future. BMW has chosen four key ones:

  • optimization of automotive sensors for autonomous driving,
  • simulation of material deformation during production,
  • optimization of pre-production configurations,
  • machine learning for automated quality assessment.

You can apply for the competition until September 24, after which they will be discussed and evaluated. At the final event, the selected projects can be personally presented to the experts.