The Boeing 737 MAX 10 passenger plane made its first flight on Friday at 10.07 local time from the municipal airport in Renton near Seattle, according to Reuters.

Before the Boeing 737 MAX 10 passenger plane enters service in 2023, it is expected to pass lengthy tests and certifications.

The aircraft is in route from the municipal airport in Renton to Grant County International Airport in Washington State. According to the schedule, landing is expected at 12.37.

The Boeing 737 MAX 10 is the largest representative among the best-selling narrow-body aircraft of the Boeing 737 MAX.

Earlier it became known about the intention of Boeing to create a new passenger plane. It was a narrow-body aircraft for 200-250 passengers.

Thus, the airliner in its characteristics will be located between the largest model of the Boeing 737 MAX and the wide-body 787 Dreamliner.

Recall that the long-term crisis at Boeing began after two plane crashes with 737 MAX aircraft. In January 2020, the aircraft concern did not receive any orders for new airliners, having stopped assembling aircraft of this model. The situation was repeated in September – the manufacturer did not receive a single order for the supply of aircraft.