In the US, there was another emergency with the liner model Boeing 737 MAX. The flights of these aircraft were suspended by the authorities of most countries due to several catastrophes and reports of incorrect operation of the software.

In the United States in Orlando airport emergency landing the Boeing 737 MAX. This is reported by FreeNews, citing the Federal aviation administration of the United States.

On Board of the liner at this point there were no passengers. The plane took off from Orlando airport and headed for Victorville, California. However, soon the pilots reported problems with the engine, and the plane made an emergency landing.

Flights of Boeing 737 MAX Airliners in the US and a number of other countries were banned after a series of accidents and malfunctions with this aircraft. In October 2018, in Indonesia near Jakarta crashed aboard the airline Lion Air, the victims of the crash were 189 people. On March 10, another accident with this type of aircraft occurred in Ethiopia. On Board were 157 people.

As it became known from the data of the “black boxes” of the aircraft crashed in Indonesia, the pilots reported problems immediately after takeoff. Automation of the aircraft began to mistakenly warn about the stall and lower the nose of the aircraft in order to increase the speed. Pilots more than 20 times corrected the position of the aircraft, but ultimately the failure of electronics still led to a collision with the ground. A similar pattern was observed before the crash in Ethiopia.

Boeing Corporation intends to update the software of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The new modification of the automated system of prevention stall on the wing will be less aggressive and more controlled by pilots.