Metal fragments of the engine of a Boeing cargo plane, separated from the aircraft due to the accident, fell on the territory of the Dutch community of Meissen in the southeast of the country. One person was injured, the NL Times portal reports.

On Saturday, the incident occurred with a four-engine Boeing 747-400 cargo plane en route from Maastricht airport to New York. As the newspaper notes, soon after takeoff, the aircraft engine caught fire, and several aircraft fragments fell to the ground. According to an airport spokesman, as a precautionary measure, the aircraft landed in Liege, Belgium. According to the local fire department, one part of the plane fell on an older woman. She received minor injuries. Several vehicles were damaged.

“Many people in Merssen were shocked because they saw a plane flying over them with a burning engine,” said a fire department official.

The cause of the incident is not yet known. The airport representative did not rule out that something could get into the plane’s engine. The Dutch Safety Board, in cooperation with local authorities and emergency services, is investigating the incident.

This is the second such incident in 24 hours. As reported by Fox News, on Saturday, due to engine malfunction, the shell fragments of a passenger Boeing 777 fell in a residential area near the US Denver. Information about casualties on board or as a result of falling debris has been reported.