The Boeing 737 MAX airliner may go into production again in May.

Boeing suppliers have already been asked to be ready to deliver parts, Reuters reported, citing a source. Resuming production in April, as previously expected, was prevented by the spread of a new type of infection.
“This will be a very slow and systematic approach to updating the fleet and returning crews. Our top priority is to restore our clientele,” said Boeing chief financial officer Greg Smith.
The Corporation expected to return the 737 MAX to service in the middle of this year. In early March, the house transportation and infrastructure Committee named the reason why this type of aircraft crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

It turned out that mistakes were made in their design, and the Federal aviation administration, knowing this, decided not to react in a sufficiently harsh way.
In March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed. The airliner, carrying 157 people, crashed near the Ethiopian city of Debre Zeit. In October 2018, the Lion Air budget airline’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed. It was carrying 189 people from Jakarta, all of whom died.

After the disasters, the territory for the passage of aircraft of this model was closed by about 20 countries. Many airlines have abandoned the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and stopped operating them.
During the investigation, possible errors were found in the operation of aircraft systems. Boeing has been working to eliminate shortcomings, and the pilot training program has been updated.