Boeing has updated the MCAS program, which could cause the crash of Boeing 737 MAX passenger aircraft in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

The company claims that the updates will reduce the load on the crew in emergency situations and prevent the launch of MCAS on erroneous data.
“The program has gone through hundreds of hours of analysis, laboratory testing, simulator testing and two test flights, including tests involving representatives of the Federal aviation administration of the United States”, Boeing said.

The US aviation authority, in turn, said yesterday that it has not certified the MCAS program updates yet.

Over the past six months, there have been two plane crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX. In October 2018, Indonesia crashed lion Air liner, killing 189 people. In March, Ethiopian Airlines crashed in Ethiopia; none of the 157 passengers and crew survived.

The causes of the disasters have not yet been established, but it has been suggested that in both cases the crash could lead to the operation of the MCAS system. Because of this, after the accident in Ethiopia Boeing 737 MAX flights banned most of the world.