The American company Boeing announced the suspension of production of 737 Max liners from January 2020. They noted that about 400 aircraft of this brand are now in storage. Corporation to focus on the delivery of these aircraft to buyers.

Boeing cited several factors that led to the shutdown. This, in particular, the extension of the certification of the 737 Max until 2020, “uncertainty with the terms and conditions of the return of aircraft to work, as well as with the issuance of certificates to pilots.”

Employees who are involved in the Assembly of the 737 Max will remain in the company. They will continue to work on the 737 family aircraft, or they will be involved in other projects.
Production will be wound down at a plant in Renton, Washington. In total, the company employs about 12 thousand employees, the Associated Press said.

Operation of the Boeing 737 Max has been suspended worldwide since March 2019. The reason was two plane crashes. In October 2018, the liner of this brand crashed in Indonesia, killing 189 people. In March 2019, a crash in Ethiopia killed 157 passengers and crew. The possible cause of the accidents was called the behavior of the liner’s automation, with which the pilots could not cope.