Boeing Corporation announced the completion of the process of updating the software of the 737 Max family of aircraft. Liners of this type crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The Corporation is currently engaged in providing additional information requested by the Federal aviation administration (FAA). It also includes questions about how pilots should act in different flight modes.

After providing this information, Boeing, together with the FAA, will plan a certification test flight and submit the final certification documentation.
On Thursday, May 23, the FAA will hold a conference in Texas for representatives of countries where Boeing 737 Max aircraft are operated. There they will be provided with information about the firmware update for Airliners and changes in the training of pilots of such aircraft.

The update affected the MCAS system, which struggles with the dumping of the liner with the autopilot turned off.

After Boeing will present the latest version of the software for this system, recommendations will be prepared on the training of pilots of this type of aircraft, and only after that the ban on the operation of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will be lifted, said the head of the National Council for transport security Robert Samuolt.