There was a Manager at Boeing who tried to persuade management that the 737 MAX should be discontinued because of safety concerns. The head of the House Committee on transport and infrastructure Peter de Fazio stated on the eve of the hearing, which should come to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

According to Bloomberg, the Committee he heads distributed de Fazio’s statement. “We know that a few months before the first 737 MAX crash in Indonesia, one of the managers tried to persuade the Vice President to stop production of the aircraft,” the report said.

The Congressman did not say what the Boeing Manager had talked about with the company’s management. He also did not specify what the answer was about the security problems. However, de Fazio said that he had information from one of the informants that Boeing neglected such issues for reasons of economy. “We do not know what exactly could have been done to prevent disasters. But we do know that there were many options to make the aircraft safer and save the lives of passengers,” – said the Congressman.

De Fazio is expected to disclose the data he has during a hearing with Muilenburg.

The crash of 737 MAX liners of Indonesian Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines led to a complete ban on flights of this model around the world.