Bologna ready to renovate the Dall’Ara stadium, an investment of 100 million

Bologna football has filed the final restyling project of the Renato Dall’Ara stadium with the Municipality. The project, delivered by Bologna Stadio Spa, a company controlled by Bologna FC 1909, contains the changes that emerged during the preliminary Services Conference. In addition, the agreements and agreements with the prevailing user were filed, as per current legislation, as well as the sworn letter of the financial plan by Credito Sportivo.

The new convention

The agreement is for 40 years, the work will cost 100 million euros, of which 60 are guaranteed by Joey Saputo, patron of the club, Bologna and Credito Sportivo and 40 by the Municipality of Bologna. This will open the conference of decision-making services, lasting 120 days, at the end of which the calls for the works can be studied. Another 15 million will be used to create the temporary stadium in which the club will play in the meantime, after the start of the works scheduled for the end of 2022. The search for partners and sponsors will be started to make the investment more sustainable.

The intervention

The intervention aims to enhance the plant whose original structure dates back to 1927, removing the superstructure built for Italy ’90. The stands will be about 6 meters from the pitch, fully covered, and the benches incorporated into the grandstand. The coverage, in tensile structure, will be total, the capacity will be 30 thousand seats. Above all, it will be a five-star stadium, with 0.72 square meters of services per person, when the European average is 0.55. These are some data from the new Dall’Ara, which the architect Gino Zavanella who oversaw the project had already announced two years ago. Balconies, indoor lounges, mega-screens, refreshment areas, pubs, museums and the club shop are planned, as well as areas for temporary exhibitions.As the CEO of Bologna Claudio Fenucci had clarified, the new Dall’Ara will be born from the collaboration between private and public Law 147 on stadiums. The stadium will remain the property of the Municipality, the club will have the surface right.

The temporary stage

The area where the temporary stadium will be built will in all likelihood be at the Caab (Centro Agro Alimentare di Bologna). In the meantime, the company will try to tighten the deadlines in order to respect the start of the redevelopment works of the Dall’Ara, set for summer / autumn of 2022. For this reason, Palazzo d’Accursio is eagerly awaiting the opening of the services conference on the stadium project. The temporary structure will then be destined to become the home of the youth and women’s sector with a capacity of 3,000 seats.


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