A former assistant to the US President for national security, John Bolton, in an interview published on Friday with the German publication Spiegel, said that Europe should treat the head of the White House, Donald Trump, as an “anomaly.” According to him, the activity of Trump is not a consistent policy.

“Trump lacks a political philosophy,” Bolton is quoted as saying. “You know, political commentators in the US and Europe are constantly trying to understand Trump or even get into the trump doctrine. Forget it! You can save time, and there is no Trump doctrine,” the former aide said. “You talk to him in the morning, and at noon he may change his mind again, depending on where the wind is blowing from. What interests him is re-election in November,” Bolton said.

“Europe should treat Trump as an anomaly. What Trump is doing is not a consistent policy,” he said. Bolton pointed out that the US President has some difficulties in relations with women politicians, in particular with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the British Prime Minister Theresa May. He also expressed the opinion that Trump “has a better relationship with authoritarian individuals than with many democratic heads of government.”