Bolton also added that Trump is ready to provide the UK with any help to exit the EU.

Adviser to President John Bolton expressed his opinion about the prospects of Britain as a result of withdrawal from the European Union (“Brexit”).
“The US once declared its independence and everything went well,” Bolton said.

Trump adviser added that the President is ready to provide the UK with any assistance to exit the European Union, which is only needed. Bolton also disagreed that “Brexit” is a threat to the security of the UK.

Earlier, John Bolton held secret talks in the UK with members of Parliament from the Conservative party, supporters of the exit from the European Union (“Brexit”). At the meeting, which lasted more than an hour, Bolton made it clear that Donald Trump wants to speed up the trade deal with the UK after “Brexit.”
In addition, John Bolton said that President Donald Trump is ready to conclude a new trade agreement with the UK immediately after its withdrawal from the European Union.