Bolton gave an outlook on the relations between the US and Russia under Biden

According to former national security adviser to Donald Trump John Bolton, relations between Russia and the United States after the possible inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden as the 46th American President will be softer.

During an interview, the journalist recalled that in the Biden administration, some of the leadership positions would be occupied by women, who, according to some, having achieved great career success in “men’s jobs” (for example, as possible heads of the Defense Ministry and the CIA), will behave “more harshly and more aggressively.”

In this regard, he asked the American official how relations between Russia and the United States might develop under Biden.

“I don’t think gender and gender will play a role here… I think that here I am now ready to bet a dollar that the policy will be softer towards Russia. And all these complaints about collusion (US President Donald) Trump and Russia will leave,” John Bolton shared his opinion.

According to him, the priority of the new US administration will be the Start Treaty.

“It will be easier for Moscow to negotiate with Biden: not with the conservative administration that was the Trump administration now, but with the classic democratic administration. And the policy towards Russia will be met with much greater favor in the Kremlin,” the former adviser to the US President added.

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