NEW YORK – Bolton put the blame for spreading these messages on journalists. “The stenographers of these regimes in the American press immediately pick up these fakes,” Trump’s adviser said.

Bolton did not give any examples to support his words.

Bloomberg meanwhile points out that Bolton himself has disagreements with Trump and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. For example, the presidential adviser is skeptical about the negotiations with the DPRK, and Pompeo is sure that it is necessary to conduct a dialogue with Kim Jong-un. Bolton insists on regime change in Iran, including by force, and the Secretary of state believes that it is necessary to put pressure on Tehran by tightening sanctions.

Bolton himself admits that members of the administration may not agree among themselves on foreign policy issues, and therefore the final word should always remain with the President. “I am a National Security Adviser, not a person who makes decisions on national security,” he stressed.

In early May, the Washington Post reported on the claims that trump expressed Bolton in connection with the situation in Venezuela. According to the sources of the publication, the presidential adviser promised a quick victory to the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela Juan Guaido over the elected head of the country Nicolas Maduro and “tried to draw the US into the war.” Trump said that Bolton and some other members of the administration underestimated Maduro, who turned out to be “a tough nut to crack.”