The former adviser to the US President John Bolton said that he is ready to confirm under oath his words that Donald Trump asked Chinese leader XI Jinping to help him get re-elected.

Earlier in his book, “The Room where it happened: a White House memoir” Bolton described a conversation between Trump and XI Jinping, in which the American leader asked his Chinese counterpart to increase purchases of agricultural products from several states, as it would help ensure Trump’s election victory. Later, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer denied these claims under oath at a congressional hearing.

“All of us who were at that meeting could (testify) under oath, and I would also be happy to do so. These are my memories. But more importantly, I think, is what the Chinese side remembers,” Bolton said in an interview with Fox News.

According to him, he discussed this issue with members of the National Security Council, the White House lawyer, and the attorney general.
Bolton served as a counselor in 2018-19.