The British minister compared the massacre of the residents of the city with the genocide of 1995 in Bosnia.

The picture of the dead bodies of people who were shot at close range on the streets of Bucha “does not look far from (the picture of) genocide,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

Recall that the killings of civilians near Kyiv caused a protest around the world and the West’s promises to impose new sanctions against Russia.

“When you look at what is happening in Bucha, at what is being revealed … about what Putin has done in Ukraine (in general) – and this, in my opinion, is not so far from genocide – it is not surprising that people react as it is inherent in them”, Johnson said, speaking to reporters.

“… I have no doubt that the international community – and the UK is at the forefront of it – will move smoothly again – in order to impose new sanctions and new punishments against the regime of Vladimir Putin,” the head of the British cabinet stressed.

Earlier on Wednesday, British Health Minister Sajid Javid said that the world should take measures to stop mass killings in Ukraine. Javid compared reports of the killing of civilians by Russian troops to the 1995 genocide in Bosnia.